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Animation Collaborative

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At the Animation Collaborative our goal is to provide a focused, professional environment that fosters creative growth, community and collaboration. We also want to empower the students. Is there a workshop subject you would like to take, or a person you would want to study under? Send us a list of 7 other students that are also interested, and we will do the best we can to recruit that person and offer that workshop topic. At AnimC, we strive to help students get the education and guidance they need, to raise the quality of their work to a professional level.

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Our Instructors are passionate about teaching and have extensive backgrounds in training: both in studio and school settings. They are all talented artists currently working at some of the most successful studios in the field of animation. Our small workshop sizes allow them to give students more individual attention and critique time.

Our Workshops are in-person and small in size.Typically no larger than 8 students per workshop! Students at all levels of proficiency are welcome. Workshops provide structure and assignments, as well as the flexibility to allow students to focus on their individual artistic goals. We also offer lecture-based workshops, which do not include critique of student work, that can accommodate larger groups.

A La Carte Education. At the Animation Collaborative, you can focus on your specific area of interest. Students can sign up for just one workshop, or take several at a time.

Take Home Your Critiques. Instructors draw over your work, making notes and providing feedback. We make these draw-overs available for you to take home.

Our Pricing Is Competitive.At the Animation Collaborative workshops are below the cost of the average art school’s 3 credit class - not including material fees.

Our Live Guest Speaker events give students additional opportunities to learn from, and ask questions to, some of the most talented minds in the field of animation. We have a variety of guest speakers come by each session, offering their personal and professional insights on a range of topics.

Our Lecture Library offers enrolled students exclusive access to recordings of all our previous guest lectures. It's a wealth of knowledge!

Community. We are here to foster a community of artists, not just provide workshops. We feel that people should have a place to come and learn that is comfortable and inspiring.

Suggest New Workshops & Instructors. We encourage students to suggest new workshop topics or instructors. At the Animation Collaborative you have the opportunity to shape your education. If you can email us a list of 8 people who want a specific workshop taught, or the chance to study under a specific person, we will do our best to make it happen.

We Care. We simply want the best experience for the teacher and the student at Animation Collaborative. We value student feedback and work hard to maintain the quality of the experience here.

For more information including sign-ups, pricing, an a list of instructors, please visit www.animationcollaborative.com or follow them @animationcollab on Twitter.

Dec 10, 2013
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