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Dharmin Doshi

Alduin Dragon Rig 1.0

Dragon Rig

  1. Dharmin Doshi
    Alduin Dragon Rig v1.0 by Dharmin Doshi


    -This rig is to be used for educational purpose only.
    -This rig is limited and more updates coming soon.
    -Always use the rig as a reference when animating for safety.


    In order for the textures to work. Please kindly set the project
    to the main folder and then kindly open the file. The textures are
    all set and shaders have been created to rendering. Please use Mental
    Ray when rendering and DO NOT use ambient light when lighting your shot.
    Mental Ray does not support ambient light and you will see the body invisible
    when you render. If you still don’t see textures pop, then kindly reload them
    in the hypershade. All the textures are provided in the “Textures” folder.


    If you run into any problems or need help with the rig then kindly
    visit my website www.dharmindoshi.com and feel free to contact me.
    I would love to hear back from you or see what you do with the rig.
    Please feel free to share your animations that you do with this rig.
    I would love to see you creativity.


    1. rig-510x306.jpg