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Jeffrey Hoover

camStack 1.2.1

Creates a camera hierarchy for handheld motion

  1. Jeffrey Hoover
    UPDATE: I recently converted this script to work in Blender as well. Grab a copy on my Github! Drop it in your addons folder, refresh your addon list and activate!

    JD Haas describes his ILM camera setup to us during our studio classes. Since he is unable to share his scripts, I decided to create it for my first successful python script. If you have suggestions, make a pull request or open an issue on Github.

    cameraStack creates a hierarchy of cameras designed for layered handheld camera motion. Each camera is labeled with its intended function in the animation process (main, handheld, shake) and connected in various attributes to the main camera to keep them consistent. Use the move_all control to reposition your camera stack without having to reanimate the main camera.

    Open the UI with the commands:
    import cameraStack

    Insert your desired focal length and a camera prefix name and press Apply. This creates the stack from scratch with connections and custom settings from the UI. If you have one or more pre-existing cameras, select them and press Generate. This creates the same hierarchy for each camera, with the name prefix derived from the original camera's name. Press Help for the script description and help.

    Video demo:

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me here, on Github or through email.