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Color Fill 1.0

Photoshop action: Fast color fill

  1. Josephine
    If you don't know what ps actions are, they're basically like buttons/scripts for your maya. So if you find yourself doing repetitive stuff, turn it into an action!

    I'm going to show you how to use my color fill action, then explain how to make your own and how it works. If you are doing stuff like comic flats or illustrations with aloooot of spots to fill in, this is a time saver!

    First off, get your actions window out if you haven't already.

    Click on the options box and "Load Actions," then find the Color Fill.atn.

    It looks like this! There is a folder with the actions, then 5 separate actions inside it. I will explain what my actions do later on.

    So to start with, choose your magic wand tool and select an area that you want to fill in with color. Then click on "Expand 2 & Fill" and press the play button. It fills in the area with your foreground color, so make sure you have your color already.

    And tah-dah! It fills in nice and clean.

    In order for my actions to work correctly though, it would be best if you have all your lines closed. It also will not get tiny spots, so you will need to go back and fill it in manually with the brush tool. Spots like tips of hair and shoes, or the coffee cup are spots like that.

    So the way my actions work is you have to select something with the magic wand tool first (or however you like to make selections works too, like the lasso tools or selection brush). So I have the selection expand first, so that it goes a little beyond the lines and you don't get this weird white line between your lineart and your colors.
    8.jpg 9.jpg
    The next thing it does is fills in your selection, and then I have it automatically deselect. (This doesn't show up when you expand the action for some reason) I also have it switch to the brush tool, because I usually want to fill in any missed spots immediately. Otherwise, it will still be in wand tool (or whatever you used to make a selection).

    I also have various other things in my selections to aid you in coloring. So I have "Expand 2 & Fill" and "Expand 1 & Fill." They do the exact same thing, only the selections expands by different pixel radius. This depends on your line width. I like to draw with thicker lines, so I commonly use "Expand 2 & Fill," but if you have thinner lines, then "Expand 1 & Fill" would work for you. And if you want to expand your selection larger or smaller, I have "Expand 1," "Expand 2," and "Contract 1," which are pretty self explanatory.

    So let me show you how to make your own action! Click on the tiny folder icon to make a new actions set. Then click on the new layer button to make an action.

    You can name it, and "Set:" just lets you put it in a different folder if you need to. "Function Key:" lets you assign it as a hot key to any of your F* buttons. When ready, click "Record" and it will start watching your every move. (Like a creeper.)

    It will record everything you do until you press the stop button. When done, be sure to try it out and make sure it does what you want!

    Some things to make note of:
    • You can't have a selection as part of your recording, because since it's automatic, it doesn't know what to select.
    • It's best not used for tools, but rather things in your menu bar.
    • It's good for things like filters, layer styles, adjustments, etc.
    • Paint bucket does an okay job, but it seems to do okay like.... 60% of the time. I like my stuff fully colored to the edge.
    If you have any questions or if something wasn't clear, feel free to leave a comment!