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Jeffrey Hoover

Constraint Manager (ConMan) 1.0

Create and manage common constraints for animation and rigging

  1. Jeffrey Hoover
    Constraint Manager: create and track constraints for rigging and animation.


    import ita_ConMan

    Create constraints (parent, point, orient, scale) with the given options.
    Remove a constraint from the list with the trash icon; delete from the
    scene with double click.

    Switch constraint targets in the second section. Select a constraint, then a target in the dropdown menu.
    "OFF" turns off all weights and blend attributes.
    "ON" turns on all weights and blend attributes.
    "SWITCH" activates a single target and blend attributes and deactivates the rest.

    Maintain Visual Transforms: Update constraint offsets to maintain the object's
    world-space transforms.

    Key: Animate the switch across two frames (current and immediately previous).

    Constraint data is saved in the scene file.

    WARNING: THIS IS NOT UNDO-ABLE! ================================================
    Clean Stale: Remove old data of non-existant objects. Any data not shown in the list is removed.
    Purge: Remove ALL saved constraint data from the scene.
    WARNING: THIS IS NOT UNDO-ABLE! ================================================

    -- This tool supports only one parent constraint at a time. Maya supports
    multiple parent constraints and one of any other kind.
    -- Maintain Visual Transforms: Currently updates offsets in the constraint
    node. Enable keying to save old offsets during switching.

    (c) Jeffrey "italic" Hoover
    italic DOT rendezvous AT gmail DOT com

    UI inspired by Spencer Jones's Arc Tracker Pro

    Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
    This script can be used for non-commercial
    and commercial projects free of charge.
    For more information, visit: