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Jeffrey Hoover

Default Camera Checker 2.1

A tool to check if you're playblasting from a Maya default camera

  1. Jeffrey Hoover
    Default Camera Checker: A tool to check if you're
    playblasting from a Maya default camera.

    If your active viewport does not use one of Maya's default cameras, it will automatically playblast to file. If your camera is any default camera, the tool will give options for blastable cameras. Use the dropdown menu to select a camera to blast from. Ensure you click an item or the script won't have a camera to blast from.

    Make Default - saves the selected camera for future blasts.
    OK! - initiates playblast with selected camera.
    Continue - blasts with current camera, regardless of settings.
    Help - opens this help window.

    Run the script with:
    import DefaultCameraChecker

    To reset your default camera:
    import DefaultCameraChecker

    by Jeffrey "Italic_" Hoover

    Known issues:
    The script will throw a warning if you try to playblast an editor other than a viewport (ie graph editor or script editor), despite regular playblasting taking the last active viewport. I avoid this corner case by throwing a warning. To work around this, activate the viewport you want to playblast and run the script from a hotkey or shelf button.

    2D Pan & Zoom is disabled before playblast. To disable this feature, comment out line 148 with a # character.

    Please report any bugs here or on my github page, linked in this resource.

Recent Updates

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