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Jeffrey Hoover

Default Camera Checker 2.1

A tool to check if you're playblasting from a Maya default camera

  1. 2D Pan & Zoom

    Jeffrey Hoover
    New in version 2.1:

    Playblast function now disables 2D Pan & Zoom before blasting. To disable this feature, comment out line 148 with a # character.

    Next task:

    Major cleanup and code deduplication.
  2. v2.0

    Jeffrey Hoover
    New in version 2.0:

    No longer limited to default perspective camera - It now allows you to select from all custom cameras in the scene.
    Set default camera - saves menu item camera as default for future playblasts and no longer asks before playblasting.
    Continue - allows you to continue playblasting from the current camera. It will continue to warn for future playblasts from a default camera.

    Next task:
    Disable 2D Pan & Zoom before playblasting.