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jamTrack 1.0

A tool for animation cleanup and re-positioning, using Locators.

  1. Jonathan
    Hey guys and gals,
    I use animation layers and space switching quite often, and lately I've found myself using locators during polish to clean and correct problem areas. I had some free time this week, so I wrote a script to help streamline this process. Enjoy!

    // jamTrack //
    upload_2016-2-5_10-19-0.png upload_2016-2-5_10-19-11.png

    // LOCATOR ONLY //
    Creates a locator and snaps it to the location of your current selection. No keys or constraints are made.

    (*select one object*)
    Creates a locator that follows the path of your selected object in world space, and parent constrains the object to the locator. If a locator for the object already exists, its current position will be used instead of snapping to the object.


    (*Select two objects*)
    Creates two locators, one for each object. The first locator tracks the first object selected, and the object is constrained to it. The second locator is parent constrained to the second object, and acts as a parent to the first locator. If a locator for the first object already exists, its current position will be used instead of snapping to the object.

    // OPTIONS //
    Allows you to turn on/off translation and rotation for each of the constraint steps, and change the scale value of the Locator.

    // Baking //
    Selecting no specific time range will bake the animation on the locator for the entire visible time range.


    Highlighting a selection in the time slider will bake animation on the locator for that range only.


    // jamTrack_xpress //
    This is a companion script to "jamTrack". It has the same functions as "Track and Constrain" and "Track, Constrain, and Parent", but no UI window and will automatically run either function, depending on how many objects you have selected.
    To use these scripts together, I recommend creating a shelf button with

    import jamTrack
    reload (jamTrack)

    as a single-click command, and

    import jamTrack_xpress
    reload (jamTrack_xpress)

    as a double-click command.
    (make sure you're running it as Python)

    Well. That's all I have for now! Let me know if this is useful or if you have any questions!
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