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Jason Baskin

Mike and Tina 2014-09-16

Free Male/Female Customizable Maya Character Rig

  1. Jason Baskin

    Mike and Tina is an intuitive, but extremely versatile and highly customizable Maya character rig. This rig is free for non-commercial use.

    If you like this rig, please give it a high rating here on Creative Crash.
    Rig features include:
    - FK/IK back, arms, and legs
    - FK/IK matching
    - IK space switching options
    - Stretchy back, arms, andlegs
    - Knee and elbow locking
    - Multiple foot pivots with display options
    - FK and attribute driven finger controls with display options
    - Head squash/stretch
    - Torso deform and breath control
    - Secondary arm/leg shaper controls
    - Full Osipa style face rig with on-face option
    - Teeth and tongue controls
    - Sticky lip and lip seal options
    - UI and direct eye aim option
    - Auto lid option
    - Secondary on-face controls
    - Eye shaper controls
    - Iris/Pupil controls
    - Scalable rig
    - Customizable clothing and skin/eye/hair style and color
    - Male/female option
    - Fully customizable morph target option

    And you can help support this project by watching my Lynda.com Facial Rigging Course:

    And if you aren't already a Lynda.com member, sign up for a 7 day free Lynda.com trial here:

    Happy Animating!