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Dan Rico

Simple Smear/Multi Arm Script 1.0

For when something is moving fast, and making it fuzzy is not entirely okay

  1. Dan Rico
    Whoa man, it has been a long while, hasn't it? So I've got something that may be useful in fast animation movements. To start, lets give a visual of what this is meant to create.

    Its not the craziness of the old looney tunes stuff, but its something, right?

    I had seen this ages ago, but only recently tried this out on a rig. However, controlling and animating a group node is inefficient, so I wrote out a script to help things out. Usage is simple enough:
    1)Select the main geo, then hit the first button
    2)select a pivot point, preferably a primary/bind joint, then hit the second button
    3)select the geo faces you want to smear
    4)punch in a name, then hit the third button
    5) select an object or group to move the new controls under, then hit the last button


    You can have multiples of a limb, or several different limbs with different pivot points, without causing problems with one another. All the controls will end up in the same location. Have fun with this and let me know what can be adjusted. I'm not the most well versed in scripting, so anything helps.