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Black Angus Critique

Discussion in 'Sketchbooks' started by Dominic Rieniets, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Dominic Rieniets

    Dominic Rieniets New Member

    I'm working on redesigning the Black Angus Steakhouse cowboy for my Advertisement Illustration class. I'm going to tighten up his face when I start painting. This assignment is an advertisement that you might find in a magazine. The empty space at the bottom is for copy.
    It's supposed to be a cowboy chasing a cow and a potato. When it's done, I want it to look like one of those nostalgic oil paintings of cowboys at work, just with a potato running with the cow, possibly for their lives. I feel like the layout could be stronger. Should I add a small herd of potatoes so it's clear this one isn't some persecuted mutant potato? Maybe with some land-shrimp...

    Any critiques would be helpful.

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  2. Josephine

    Josephine Member

    I feel that the composition is currently really squished?? You have nice depth going on with the overlapping of the characters, but at the same time I think the overlapping is actually working against you. If you take the silhouette of each character, the overall shape of all three of them is this one mass blob and it's hard to find the potato in particular. How large is this potato??? Is it supposed to be half the cow, or is it actually a normal size potato just really close to the viewer?
    What is the focus going to be on when you paint it? The cowboy or the potato? I think what I'm getting from your current composition is that you want the potato to feel enclosed and in danger and that's why it's so squished between the cowboy and the cow. I'm wondering if you could have negative space around the potato and move the other two outwards and back in space some???

    I dunno take this with a grain of salt. Composition/layout isn't my strong point, and even then I have a liking towards flat composition.
  3. Josephine

    Josephine Member

    I love the idea though. I have never spoken so seriously about a potato. Please show us your final painting!
  4. Dominic Rieniets

    Dominic Rieniets New Member

    Those are helpful critiques! Thank you Jo.
    Here is the color rough:I've separated the cow from the cowboy on horseback, added an extra potato for relative scale, as well as a lobster running with the herd. I may have to tweak the values because the lobster is getting lost. Looking at it with fresher eyes, I need to juggle the composition of those creatures on the left, completely; that second potato is getting lost entirely.

    Are there any other suggestions, seeing it in color?

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  5. Lana

    Lana Admin Staff Member Tea Time Staff Animator

    I feel like the lobster should maybe not be running with the herd, but maybe be like...a separate element in the foreground? Like in the same way you may see a scorpion or something -- Right now I feel like there are now just...too many critters. As is, are the potatoes running from the cow? Are they part of the cow's same herd? Is the cow helping the cowboy wrangle the potatoes? Adding a lobster to the mix kind of amplifies these questions. I would rather see more potatoes, personally.

    Will this have text on it eventually? Why so much foreground space? If so, do you have a mock up version with text?
  6. Dominic Rieniets

    Dominic Rieniets New Member

    Oh! I like the idea of having the lobster there in the foreground like a scorpion. That would give me a chance to show the lobster tail more clearly in silhouette. I can definitely add more potatoes, but will that look more like the cow helping the cowboy wrangle free-range potatoes?

    The gist of the piece is supposed to be this cowboy is wrangling up your dinner.

    There will be copy in the foreground with a tagline in the background. I'll post an updated mock-up with the copy this weekend.

    Thank you for the critiques!
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