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How do I add clothes to Morpheus?

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Saloni Jain, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Saloni Jain

    Saloni Jain New Member


    So I have my file animated n ready n I wanted to put clothes on it...I found some in our school assets folder n how do I go about adding them to a already animated morpheus? My morpheus is referenced in.

    Thank you for your time!
  2. Andy Wu

    Andy Wu Moderator Staff Member Tea Time Staff Lighter/Texture Artist

    I believe you use the wrap deformer, and here is a video that I found that tells how to do so!

  3. Saloni Jain

    Saloni Jain New Member

    thank you so much Andy!!
  4. Lana

    Lana Admin Staff Member Tea Time Staff Animator

    I'm planning on doing a little demo, myself. Perhaps over the break I'll get something posted!
  5. Saloni Jain

    Saloni Jain New Member

    that ll be awesome Lana! Thank you! the one Andy shows works fine but the problem I am facing now is that I scaled down my morpheus after referencing it in but in the actual file, it is still on globalscale 1....So now hwn I wrap clothes, it works fine in the reference file but in the actual scene it is all jumbled up.....will scaling down morpheus in the reference file to the same size as it is in my scene, help?
  6. Lana

    Lana Admin Staff Member Tea Time Staff Animator

    Hm. Not quite sure the problem here -- are you wrapping the clothing to the morphy-mod, or are you wrapping it to a reference?
  7. Saloni Jain

    Saloni Jain New Member

    to the model....so if I am referencing file A into file B, I am wrapping onto A so it automatically updates in B.....but the scale of the model is different and I have already animated n built sets n everything, so I dont want to risk scaling up the scene file.....
  8. Lana

    Lana Admin Staff Member Tea Time Staff Animator

    It should be working fine -- I can't see any reason why that would affect it unless you've actually animated the geometry...?

    Even then. Possibly just a maya brain fart.
  9. bgodoy

    bgodoy Active Member

    Hi Saloni,

    As you can see, the method Andy suggested is a great way of doing things. It's also probably one the faster ways of approaching this, especially if you're strapped for time.

    In case you're interested in another method, however, here's the way I learned to do it. I should mention this method will probably take more time to set things up. On the plus side, it will offer a lot of flexibility in terms of how much you can modify a character that's already been skinned, even if you decide to use a referenced rig.

    First things first—

    Just to be on the safe side, it's probably a good idea to SAVE multiple copies of your current files (which include the file with animation and the file used for referencing). Keep these in a place where you know they're not likely to be accidentally tampered with. When it comes to Maya, you never know what you'll run into so it's always nice to have a few iterations saved so you can go back if need be.

    Because you have already animated your character, this is going to be sort of a two part process so I stress the importance of creating some backup files. Preferably, you're going to want to stick to ASCII files but if it's more important for you to keep your files sizes smaller, .mb will work just fine too.

    Once that's all said and done, these are the steps you can take to make sure you have a fully functioning rig with all new clothing:

    Part One:

    1.) Though it may be hard to believe, the first thing you're going to have to do is ditch your scene that contains all of your beautiful animation. I'll explain why this is important later ;). For the moment, all you want to be concerned with is the file you will be referencing. This file will need to contain no animation whatsoever and it will help if you keep thing as "clean" as possible. If you need to delete any history, etc. now would be the time since it will make working with your modified rig more efficient down the road.

    2.) Now that you have a squeaky clean file, it's time to do some modeling—or should I say some retopologizing. The video below contains the next series of steps you should take to create all new clothing:

    Part Two:

    1. Once that's all out of the way and your character is all geared up and ready, it's time to dig into your animation file and transfer your keys.

    (*Note: I'm not going to lie, using referenced rigs definitely has it's benefits—in fact, I use them all the time—but there are also some drawbacks you should be made aware of. Of course, every rig is going to behave differently. However, one major drawback to referenced rigs is that Maya has a harder time transferring animation from rig to rig. Hopefully you won't experience any problems but in case you do, you can always go back to those backup files and resave a new scene. Then try things again.)

    2. Use ATOM to transfer your keys.

    3. After using ATOM you may notice there are a few discrepancies in your new rig so I would double (and even triple check) your animation to make sure all of your keys were transferred properly. If things go wrong, don't be taken back; it will happen sometimes whether you do everything correctly or not. Just remember, the fact that you modified your rig only makes the entire job harder for Maya to deal with. Be patient and don't be afraid to re-animate the small stuff because sadly, you won't always get perfect results.

    Part Three: (Really, I thought you said this was a two step process? Well… it is.

    So, if everything goes well and transfers over, I would say pat yourself on the back. This is definitely no walk in the park but sometimes it's the price your character will have to pay for a new set of threads. :cool: )

    Hope this all made sense. Please let me know if it doesn't. The good news is there's no "right way" of doing this—mostly, because Maya doesn't like it when we mess with skinned geometry. Feel free to experiment if necessary.

    In an ideal world, you want to stick to a rig that is versatile enough to suit all of your purposes. Yet the truth this, this rig doesn't exist by today's standards. So rig it up and change things as you see fit because at the end of the day what good is a character, if you can't add more character to it? Right? :)

    Happy animating,
    Lana likes this.
  10. bgodoy

    bgodoy Active Member

    Additional video:

  11. Saloni Jain

    Saloni Jain New Member

    Wow...Thanks for taking the time to put this up!
    Thanks Lana! I shall try both!
  12. bgodoy

    bgodoy Active Member

    No problem, Saloni. Let us know how it goes.
  13. Rakesh Dange

    Rakesh Dange New Member

    I saw your Demo and tried... bt body geo is not rendering after using wrap deformer
    I'm using maya 2013
  14. Andy Wu

    Andy Wu Moderator Staff Member Tea Time Staff Lighter/Texture Artist

    When you wrap deform, Maya likes to screw with some of the settings of the geo. I don't have Maya currently so I'm not positive on the names but hopefully I'm close enough.
    In the attribute editor, look for the geoShape tab (or it may be named "your geometry's name"Shape) and there should be a Render section. Make sure all the checkboxes are ticked, particularly the one that says Make Renderable.
    Rakesh Dange likes this.
  15. Clayton Lashoones

    Clayton Lashoones New Member

    Under the wrap deformer's settings you need to make sure that Render Influence Objects is checked if you want the underlying geometry to be rendered. For some reason Maya defaults to having the option unchecked. As Andy pointed out, if you're looking to make the body render without recreating the deformer you should check the Render Stats tab. Primary Visibility is the option that toggles whether or not the geometry will render, though Maya has everything above the Opposite option checked by default.
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  16. Rakesh Dange

    Rakesh Dange New Member

    Hey thanks... it worked :)
    Lana likes this.
  17. Lana

    Lana Admin Staff Member Tea Time Staff Animator

    What up, y'all. I guess I forgot to post this here -- I ended up doing that tutorial after all!

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