At long last, our new and improved website is finally ready for public consumption!

The new look comes with some sweet features — a contact form, information about the scholarship, and most notably, a link to our new community page.

Thanks to our new partnership with Animstate, we now share the same digital forum hub, because no matter where you are in your journey through this industry, we are all part of the same community. The forum is a place for both students and developers to mix and mingle. It’s a great place to ask questions, get feedback on your work, and generally get a sneak peek into the comings and goings of the industry.

Unfortunately, our facelift also came along with some downsides, namely our lack of a community resources page. We’re actively looking into the capabilities of our new forum to see if we can possibly reinstate this feature, but in the meantime all resources that were explicitly uploaded to the previous site have been saved alongside the text-docs ‘Read Me’s that were written by the original resource-owners. If you believe you were one of these original contributors and would like your resource back, please reach out to us and we’ll ensure your digital property a safe return.

Otherwise, please make yourself at home, and feel free to send some feedback our way if you have any thoughts on the new digs, or how we can better serve this community.

Happy Animating!

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