Looking to get serious about your character animation chops? Well, this is probably the best place to start.

The Animation Collaborative provides arguably the most premiere training in Animation Arts you could possibly receive. Class sizes are small, so there is ample time for individualized feedback, and the pricing is competitive — below the cost of your average art school 3-credit class. It truly is the biggest bang for your buck.

Their extensive list of instructors are largely employed by Pixar Animation Studios, though they also hail from such places as Dreamworks, ILM, Tippett studio, WETA digital, and even some incredible freelance artists —  Though, unfortunately, this amazing resource doesn’t include online classes, so you’ll have to be local to the Bay Area to capitalize on this opportunity (sorry Tea Timers abroad </3) .

All courses* from the Fall Registration page still have room, but classes start next week, so you’d better hurry! If you’re still not convinced, head on over to the Animation Collaborative’s website to check things out for yourself.

Happy Animating!

*Except Victor Navone’s Advanced Animation course

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