Animation Jam

On March 17&18th, Tea Time Animation is hosting an Animation Jam under the theme of “WEAPON OF CHOICE”.

Participants have 48-hours to complete the following animations on a rig/character of their choosing utilizing an atypical or out-of-the-box weapon:

Movement (Run, Sprint, Jog, etc)
*Bonus: Optional animation of your choosing!

Work solo or in a team of up to 4 people. Top submissions will be reviewed by industry professionals LIVE on during the second annual Animation Exchange (#AnimX) Tuesday, March 20th. Like last year, we will take the knowledge sharing and thriving community of game development conferences and make them accessible to all. Full details and speaker line up for the Animation Exchange can be found here. Catch the full event at

If that isn’t enough for you, we’ve got some incredible prizes for the winners of the Animation Jam — but we’ll get to that a little later, so keep an eye out.

REGISTER before March 14th to be participate.

Animation Collaborative Courses Still Available

Looking to get serious about your character animation chops? Well, this is probably the best place to start.

The Animation Collaborative provides arguably the most premiere training in Animation Arts you could possibly receive. Class sizes are small, so there is ample time for individualized feedback, and the pricing is competitive — below the cost of your average art school 3-credit class. It truly is the biggest bang for your buck.

Their extensive list of instructors are largely employed by Pixar Animation Studios, though they also hail from such places as Dreamworks, ILM, Tippett studio, WETA digital, and even some incredible freelance artists —  Though, unfortunately, this amazing resource doesn’t include online classes, so you’ll have to be local to the Bay Area to capitalize on this opportunity (sorry Tea Timers abroad </3) .

All courses* from the Fall Registration page still have room, but classes start next week, so you’d better hurry! If you’re still not convinced, head on over to the Animation Collaborative’s website to check things out for yourself.

Happy Animating!

*Except Victor Navone’s Advanced Animation course

Tea Time partners with

Tea Time Animation is proud to announce our partnership with AnimState.

AnimState is a collective of professional animators dedicated to promoting, inspiring, and advancing the craft of interactive animation.

Providing content for professional developers by professional developers, AnimState is the Tea Time’s sister site, and is another incredible resource to all those looking to pursue a career in animation – particularly one in the field of game development.

Whether you’re looking for some insight into what it takes to start your career, or some thoughts from pros on popular topics of interest, or just want some sweet podcasts to listen to and be inspired by, AnimState has a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

Furthermore, being the siblings that we are, Tea Time and AnimState share the same digital forum hub, because no matter where you are in your journey through this industry, we are all part of the same community.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Presenting: The Tea Time Animation Scholarship for Kick Ass Artists

Roughly a year ago, we announced via the magic of our dedicated Google Hangout space that we were starting up a scholarship to help aid those in pursuit of their craft.

Well, after a drawn out bit of back and forth with numerous different organizations, I’m proud to announce that this year — it’s finally happening! The Tea Time Animation Scholarship for Kick Ass Artists is real, and will be open for applications during the Fall 2017 semester.

We know that balancing real life obligations with the grueling hours you’re spending tweaking UVs and key poses in front of a computer screen can be difficult — more importantly, it can be expensive. This scholarship aims to ease just a little bit of the stress that accompanies study, and thus will be awarding $1000 dollars to one hardworking student this spring.

Click here to learn more, fill out the online application form, or scope out our FAQ.

Tea Time is also accepting sponsorship with the goal of growing both the prize pool and number of annual recipients. Please contact us to learn more, or click here to donate.



Tea Time 2.0

At long last, our new and improved website is finally ready for public consumption!

The new look comes with some sweet features — a contact form, information about the scholarship, and most notably, a link to our new community page.

Thanks to our new partnership with Animstate, we now share the same digital forum hub, because no matter where you are in your journey through this industry, we are all part of the same community. The forum is a place for both students and developers to mix and mingle. It’s a great place to ask questions, get feedback on your work, and generally get a sneak peek into the comings and goings of the industry.

Unfortunately, our facelift also came along with some downsides, namely our lack of a community resources page. We’re actively looking into the capabilities of our new forum to see if we can possibly reinstate this feature, but in the meantime all resources that were explicitly uploaded to the previous site have been saved alongside the text-docs ‘Read Me’s that were written by the original resource-owners. If you believe you were one of these original contributors and would like your resource back, please reach out to us and we’ll ensure your digital property a safe return.

Otherwise, please make yourself at home, and feel free to send some feedback our way if you have any thoughts on the new digs, or how we can better serve this community.

Happy Animating!