There is no better way to use the Tea Time network than to start your own chapter.

(Hate reading? Click here to be convinced by our co-founder.) 

While our online communities provide insight into news, announcements, and info on the go, there is much to be said for the importance of face-to-face interactions. Tea Time is about looking for ways to enrich your education that are not strictly focused on your reel.

The concept is pretty simple — once a week, invite your peers together to sip hot beverages and chat about animation, but in practice, starting your own chapter gives you the opportunity to practice important soft skills such as:

Giving and receiving critique
Public Speaking
Learning what it takes to teach others what you already know

Depending on your time and resources, you could also be learning about event planning, managing a budget, leading a team, and working directly with industry professionals in order to organize guest lectures.

Tea Time is a not-for-profit organization — we’re truly only here to help support you in your endeavor to make the leap from student to professional. (Furthermore, only active Tea Time members are eligible to apply to our annual scholarship!)

Only you know what your community needs.
To pick up your starter kit or to learn more about starting your own Tea Time chapter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Afraid of commitment? You can also follow us on Social Media.

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