The Tea Time Animation Scholarship for Aspiring Animators is granted to one individual annually who is a recent graduate (<2 years of experience) or is currently studying in the field of animation. Eligible candidates should be kick ass artists who are enthusiastic about community involvement, as well as being active Tea Time members*.

To apply, please fill out our Online Application, and be ready to submit with the following information by January 31, 2019:

Letter of Intent (min. 500 word)
Link to Portfolio and/or Demo Reel
Letters of Recommendation (minimum: 2)

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, or take a look at our FAQ.

The money for this scholarship is crowdfunded by the incredible animation community. Donate to the Tea time Animation Scholarship, today.

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*Member of one or more of our social groups (Discord community forum, Twitter community, Facebook) or campus clubs.