I want to be an active Tea Time member, but there is no chapter in my area.
That’s okay — The world is a much larger place than our immediate surroundings, and thanks to the magic of the internet, it’s largely right at our fingertips! We would hate for you to be a victim of circumstance, so being an active participant on our forums and other social media outlets counts towards your ‘active membership’ status. Alternatively, starting your own chapter looks great on an application. /hint

Do I have to spend my scholarship money on something specific like books or supplies?
While that is the recommended use of your future hard-won scholarship money, we understand that the struggle can be real — sometimes you’ve got more than enough charcoal and not enough groceries. The scholarship is intended to take some of the stress that is post-secondary education off of the recipient, so that they can focus on landing on two feet into a career they are happy about. If that means a new toolbox to hold all your sketching supplies? Amazing. New Wacom tablet? Fantastic! If that means having an exorbitant night off to take your mind away from impending finals? Well…I’m not really sure that’s the most ideal use of this grant, but buy me a beer and we’ll call it even.

That’s it for the FAQ right now! More questions? Please contact us.